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Dear church family member,

When servant leaders were necessary to take care of the needs of the 1st century church family, the disciples were tasked with bringing men of good reputation, full of the Spirit and wisdom, to the twelve to be appointed to a specific ministry. (Acts 6:1-7) Following that example, the elders of Central Church of Christ have asked us also to bring the names of those of our number who fit the qualities of servant leaders before the elders, so that the Word of God may continue to increase in the members of Central and to the community beyond.

Would you please consider the qualities of deacons and elders listed in the Bible, then submit names of those who fit those qualities to our elders by May 30th? You may fill out the form here:
The qualities of such deacons and elders listed throughout the Bible can be found below

Please utilize our church directory for a complete listing of men who have placed membership with Central Church of Christ.  Our directory of names can be found in paper form in the office, or online through our website and the Instant Church Directory app.

            Here are the current deacons and elders of Central Church of Christ.

John Adams (deacon) – Building & Grounds

Will England (deacon) – Worship

Ben Gardenhire (deacon) – HUD & Prison

Craig Lynn (deacon) – Service

 Russ Hale (elder) – Fellowship

Bill Oakley (elder) – Primetime

Les Tubb (elder) – Worship

Ty Webb (elder) – Evangelism

Bob Young (elder) – Education

Thank you for prayerfully considering and submitting candidates for review that will help us continue & improve to show God’s love, tell God’s story, and be God’s family.

Deacon Qualities (1 Timothy 3:8-13; Acts 6:3)

  • Is the husband of but one wife
  • Manages (rules) his children/family well
  • His wife is worthy of respect (reverent, honorable, dignified, serious, grave), not a malicious talker (slanderer, malicious gossiper), temperate (sober-minded), and trustworthy (faithful, reliable) in everything
  • Is of good report/reputation
  • Is worthy of respect (serious, reverent, dignified, honorable, grave)
  • Is sincere (not double-tongued or two-faced/not deceptive)
  • Does not indulge in (given to) much wine
  • Does not pursue dishonest gain (not greedy for money)
  • Is full of the Holy Spirit – bears the fruit of the Spirit
  • Has been tested (proved) and nothing was found against him (found blameless)
  • Keeps hold of the deep truths (mystery) of faith with a clear (pure) conscience
  • Is full of wisdom – spiritual understanding

Elder Qualities – (1 Tim 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-9; 1 Peter 5:1-4 & others)

  • The husband of one wife
  • Manages/rules (leads) his own family well
  • Children respectfully obey him/not rebellious
  • Has children that believe (are faithful)
  • Above reproach (no accusation of wrong)
  • Respectable (has good behavior)
  • Hospitable (a lover of strangers)
  • Not quarrelsome (not contentious, but a peacemaker)
  • Has good reputation (witness) with outsiders
  • Temperate (clear headed, sober)
  • Self-controled/disciplined (self-mastery)
  • Not given to drunkenness
  • Gentle (considerate, fair), not violent
  • Not a lover of money/dishonest gain (greedy)
  • Not overbearing/lording over others (self-willed)
  • Not quick-tempered (not soon angry)
  • Loves what is good
  • Upright (just, righteous condition and conduct)
  • Holy (pure, unpolluted by sin)
  • Desires (willingness, volunteers) the work of an elder
  • Ability/Apt to teach
  • Not a recent convert (novice)
  • Holds firmly to the trustworthy message
  • Can encourage with sound doctrine
  • Can refute those who oppose sound doctrine
  • Can lead by example
  • Can watch/care for/ guard the church (Acts 20:29:31)
  • Is a hard worker (1 Thess 5:12)
  • Is older/spiritually mature
  • Can shepherd/care for the spiritual flock
  • Can oversee/be a superintendent
  • Can be a steward/manager
  • Can equip/build others up/encourage spiritual growth (Eph 4:11-12)
  • Can be respected in love (1 Thess 5:12-13)
  • Has imitable faith (Heb 13:7)
  • People are willing to submit to his leadership (Heb 13:17)
  • Is willing to visit & pray with the sick (James 5:14)

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