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FALL-WINTER 2022 – “Gospel of Mark”
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Meeting #1: Sept 11, 2022
Main Idea: Jesus is unlike any other savior, and he calls us to make him our first priority.
Head Change: To understand that Jesus Christ is holy, unlike any other.
Heart Change: To feel fascinated with the good news of Jesus Christ.
Focus Scripture: Mark 1:1-13
Leader Guide: GOM 01
Participant Question Sheet: 2022-09-11 GOM01
Meeting #2: Sept 25, 2022
Main Idea: As disciples who follow Jesus Christ, we are called to surrender every aspect of our lives completely to him.
Head Change: To understand that true discipleship requires a relationship with Jesus Christ.
Heart Change: To feel motivated toward obedience by his love, not our guilt.
Focus Scripture: Mark 1:14-3:6
Leader Guide: GOM 02 GOM 03
Participant Question Sheet2022-09-25 GOM03 Questions  
Meeting #3: October 9, 2022
Main Idea: True disciples have a heart condition that is committed to God’s kingdom rather than the applause of people.
Head Change: To recognize that discipleship is about advancing the kingdom of God.
Heart Change: To feel confidence in our acceptance through Jesus.
Focus Scripture: Mark 3:7-4:34
Leader Guide: GOM 04
Participant Question Sheet: 2022-10-09 GOM04 Questions
Meeting #4: October 23, 2022
Main Idea: Because Jesus is a compassionate, powerful God, we can and should come to him with our concerns and needs.
Head Change: To know with confidence that Jesus is present with us in every circumstance.
Heart Change: To feel gratitude for the transformation God has brought about in our lives.
Focus Scripture: Mark 4:35-6:29
Leader Guide: GOM 05 GOM 06
Participant Question Sheet:
Meeting #5: November 13, 2022
Main Idea: Because of his unique power as creator, Jesus renews and restores what sin and darkness broke.
Head Change: To understand Jesus’s character and mission.
Heart Change: To feel excited at Jesus’s ability to equip us to follow him
Focus Scripture: Mark 6:30-8:30
Leader Guide: GOM 07
Participant Question Sheet:
Meeting #6: November 27, 2022
Main Idea: To be a true disciple of Jesus, we must lay aside everything we possess and all that we are to sacrificially serve like Jesus did.
Head Change: To recognize Jesus’s mission for exactly what it is.
Heart Change: To feel acceptance in light of his call on our lives.
Focus Scripture: Mark 8:31-13:37
Leader Guide: GOM 08 GOM 09
Participant Question Sheet:
Meeting #7: December 11, 2022
Main Idea: Despite being abandoned, Jesus accomplished his mission on the cross, laying a victorious foundation for our eternal hope.
Head Change: To know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus loves us.
Heart Change: To feel genuine affection for Jesus.
Focus Scripture: Mark 14:1-15:47
Leader Guide: GOM 10
Participant Question Sheet:
Meeting #8: December 25, 2022
Main Idea: Because we are convinced that Jesus is the Son of God and long-awaited savior, our lives should reflect our faith in daily obedience and faithfulness to him.
Head Change: To know that Jesus forgives our greatest failures in order to restore us to discipleship.
Heart Change: To comfort in knowing that no matter our status in the world, we can still follow Jesus.
Focus Scripture: Mark 15:40-16:20
Leader Guide: GOM 11
Participant Question Sheet:
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