News from El Salvador

Here’s a message I received from Jimmy Wallace in El Salvador this weekend: 
“The trip is going well. We were encouraged today we went to a church up close to the Honduran border called Lago de Aguilar. It is up on the mountain very near a defunct volcano that has a lagoon in it. We met with three churches this morning and had VBS and a Devo and food distribution. We went up to the church on top of the mountain where project Nehemiah had built a building and a Sunday school building for the children last year. We met the preacher who is very ill with heart problems and had prayer with him. These people walk at least a mile if not more twice a week for church and they have a membership of about 40 not counting the children. We were very encouraged to see what had gone on there and that there are dedicated Christians who are enduring great hardships. We have had good programs in Candelaria, El tule, apopa, and San Juan opico. We will be going to Lourdes and San Bartolo tomorrow. We will distribute 800 children’s bags, 175 bags for babies and 1,000 bags of food. I am greatly impressed by the way the church is growing in these small towns way out in the country. The gospel is being spread. Thanks for keeping up with us. Glenda is having a great time and having great new experiences. Most of the pictures we have are on Pat’s phone and I will send you a couple of them via Gmail. Thanks a lot you guys take care. Give our love to all.”

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