Devo Thought #1a – Growth Groups

A little over two weeks ago, we began growth groups talking about Jesus and happiness in life. 

If you find yourself constantly thinking, “If only would happen, then I’d be happy,” you’re heading down a road paved with discontentment and disappointment. Here’s why: Most of the time, the things we think will make us happy and fulfill the desires of our hearts are one-dimensional and short-sighted. If we truly got what we wanted at the time, we’d likely fi nd ourselves unhappy with the outcome down the road. The truth is, we can only see so far—it’s God who has the bird’s-eye view. So instead of focusing on the things you want right now, God encourages us to delight in who He is. And who is He? He’s the Creator of all things, including the hopes, desires, and aspirations we all have inside of us. He’s the ultimate Provider, willing and able to exceed our expectations. This week, rest in His promises and find comfort in knowing His plan is far greater than any plans we could come up with for ourselves. Take time to thank God for His power and ask Him to shift your focus toward Him.
Growth Group Meeting #2 focusing on “Live A Better Story” is coming up this Sunday evening, (11/14). We hope you can be there!

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