Spring Cleaning with Dave Weber

Make sure to thank Dave Weber when you see him for pressure washing the front steps of the church building!  

Don’t forget, we have a church spring cleaning workday coming up on this Saturday from 8am-Noon!  
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2021 Central Spring Cleaning List – MAIN BUILDING

  • Outside Entryways
    • North
      • Pressure Wash Carport Concrete
      • Pressure Wash chalk drawings on Walls
      • Pressure Wash algae buildup down corner of ladies classroom
      • Install LED Light Bulb (x1)
      • Clean Cobwebs
    • Main
      • Pressure Wash Steps – (completed on 3/18/21 by Dave Weber)
      • Install LED Light Bulbs (x2)
      • Clean Cobwebs
      • Trim Bushes (completed on 3/10/21)
      • Straighten the front sign in the case
      • Wirebrush & paint the black handrails
      • Re-paint 3” Wide Yellow safety stripe on front steps
    • South
      • Pressure Was Carport Concrete
      • Install LED Light Bulb (x1)
      • Clean Cobwebs
    • Lobby
      • Swiffer/Vaccuum Steps
        • Down to Nursery
        • Up to Technology Loft
      • Replace Missing Stair Treads down to Nursery (Completed on 3/11/21)
      • Hang Scripture Decorations in the Lobby
      • Vacuum Curtains & Lampshades in the Lobby
      • Wipe/Clean out the overhead light boxes
      • Paint Killz on Ceiling Wet Spot by front door
      • Wipe/Clean the floor registers (x2)
      • Wipe/Clean the baseboards
      • Clean Main PVC Rug in Entry Way
        • Take it outside to wash
        • Vacuum dust out of rug holding area
      • Auditorium
        • Vacuum All Pews
        • Paint Killz on Ceiling Wet Spots (with lift)
        • Dust the ceiling fan blades (with lift)
        • Trim loose threads on pulpit pews and carpet fringe
        • Touch up the Communion Table with furniture Marker
        • Clean all Carpet (Completed on 3/11/21)
        • Dust/Vacuum the front artificial plants
      • Baptistry
        • Paint Killz on the door frame
        • Take out old rusted metal cabinets and put in new plastic shelves
      • Technology Loft
        • Sweep the Security area
        • Vacuum the AV Booth
      • Minister’s Office
        • Paint Killz on Ceiling Wet Spots
      • Youth Minister’s Office
        • Paint Killz on Ceiling Wet Spots
      • Library
        • Sweep Room
        • Wipe Clean East Wall
        • Paint Killz on Ceiling Wet Spots
        • Move Black filing cabinet to teacher’s workroom
      • Ladies Classroom
        • Vacuum Pew
        • Sweep Room
        • Paint Killz on Ceiling Wet Spots
        • Move tables back to Annex
      • Nursery Downstairs
        • Clean & Disinfect
          • Doorknob
          • Toys
          • Table
        • Cleaning Supply Closet (Need at least one volunteer to work with Janice)
          • Clean & Organize Supply Closet
          • Throw old items in the dumpster
        • Workroom Downstairs (Need two volunteers)
          • Clean out outdated materials
          • Straighten Up Workroom

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