Prayer for Sasha and Kiev Church

This screenshot is what the North Atlanta Church of Christ received from Sasha Prokopchuk in the church of Christ in Kiev four days ago. Keep praying for Sasha, Victoria, and the church their in Kiev.
Here is a prayer request list that was sent to us from a connection of Tommy Crosslin’s in Archana, Ukraine. Use at your discretion.
1) Pray we can hold Kyiv
2) Pray we can see and be a part of God’s army to share the love and compassion of Christ. 
3) Pray about Mariupol invasion and taking it back. 
4) Pray our properties would be protected in all locations. 
5) Pray for protection for travel as we mobilize to help others.
6) Pray for travel and logistics provision as Ruslan spends days gathering supplies. 
7) Pray for wisdom to know when and if Arch & the girls need to leave and the decision they face to separate as a family. 

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