Pavilion Workday Tomorrow

Here is a list of some of the work available for our workday on 4/17/21. Topher will bring a lot of tools, but if you have your own, it’s always a good idea to snag them.  We work from 8am-12pm.  Please park in the regular church parking lot as we will be sweeping the pavilion parking lot clean. 
Outdoor Pavilion
  • Hang the metal J-Channel along the horizontal support beams that have been installed at the 7ft height.  This will be approximately 144 feet.  Some trimming of metal sheeting may need to be done. Using metal screws to install the J Channel. Most of the work is on a ladder. 
      • Install approximately 27 feet of metal sheeting on the north west corner of the building. Install it down to the J Channel
  • Remove the Base Trim & Angle iron that surrounds the floor.  We will grind down the bolt heads to remove the angle iron. (approximately 110 feet). 
      • Also remove the one remaining block of wood with nails that is on the north side of the building.
  • Chip up the remaining tile, bag, and throw it away. We have three areas that still have tile left on the concrete. 
  • Parking Lot – Run a rolling magnet and brooms across the entire parking lot.  Sweep it clear of all gravel and construction debri. 
  • Remove Insulation from the four corner posts behind the metal. (very short project). Throw it in a bag and remove.   
      • Also Remove the small panel of insulation that was missed on the eastern side of the metal wall. 
  • Cap off existing plumbing to make the walking area safer. (and smell nicer)
  • Remove the electrical switches for the air conditioning units that are on the rear wall of the building.  Also remove the wiring and conduit that is on the interior of the wall. 
  • Fill in the dangerous gopher hole (very deep ankle breaker) that is on the east side of the pavilion with gravel and a layer of dirt. 
  • Remove the single piece metal trim (just a few screws)  from the front brick wall. It is approximately 14 feet long and has screws holding it up. 
  • Remove the Caulk & Sealer around the front windows. It only requires  scraping or chipped off.
Main Building
  • Install rubber treads in the stairwell leading down to First Steps area. 
  • Remove the obsolete coaxial cable wire that runs from the main office down the hall, through the lighting trough of the auditorium, to the First steps stairwell at the front of the auditorium. It is left over from an old video camera system.
  • Wire brush and paint the southern handrail of the front steps. The northern handrail has already been prepped & painted. 

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