Fishing at the Blevins

We’re fishing at the Blevins at 8am!  
Here’s a quick list of directions from Tommy & Pat. 

Directions to Tommy & Pat Blevins home-

Head on Highway 70 toward Smithville, approximately 10 miles. You will pass the flashing lights at Old Kentucky Rd., and a little later pass the Hwy. 70 Market. About a quarter mile past the market, you will turn left on Indian Mound Rd. Stay on that road for 3.5 miles until you come to the South Pin Hook Rd. Intersection. The first driveway on Pin Hook Rd. is 115 Pin Road Road. You will see a Roger   Mason campaign sign. Turn into the driveway then turn right beside the mailbox and follow the tree line to the pond.

Warning, there is an East Pin Hook Road just one mile off HWY 70 on Indian Mound, but do not turn on it. Keep on going until you come to the other Pin Hook Rd.

If you get lost, call me at 931-261-8418
Tommy & Pat’s house is 14 miles west of the church building. 

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