Braydyn Taylor is out of surgery successfully!

Braydyn is out of surgery as of 7:40pm on Friday night.  Here’s the latest update from her mom, April. 
“Ok, I figured I would write this here so everyone would be updated and no misinformation. Braydyn is out of surgery after a eight hour surgery back into the ICU unit. Her father and I met with her Dr who describe it has a very detailed , difficult surgery as to where the tumor was located. He felt that it was a successful surgery. We told him the amount of prayers that he was receiving today. He stated โ€œ that he could feel those prayers when he was working on her during the procedure. Shout our Lord and Saviorโ€™s name.
Next he has told us that they will do an MRI in the morning to make sure they got all of it. We will be also waiting for the pathology back. So I need my prayers warriors to make those two specific prayers. 1. The mri in the morning shows that all of it was removed 2, the ALL pathology comes back clear.
The Dr. said that she was through a very intensive brain surgery and will need time, patience, and healing. The unit is calling her a little Rock Star. She has opened her eyes and moved all her arms and legs, she told then who she was, where she was at ,and what she it was, what year it was.( I still mess that up)
Please keep the Prayers coming!!! #prayforbraydyn #11 ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

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